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Makin a 2nd account

2011-10-15 16:04:34 by MRLEGOGUY

I have been a member on Newgrounds for several years. I've gained respect as a good reviewer, always using fair judgment and finding the positives in animations that most people don't see. However, my status as an animator is just about the opposite. True, the live video was a mistake, but I was crushed to see the score for WoH chronicles. I originally made that for Youtube, and it is also currently on Youtube, along with the rest of the episodes I have done so far. I worked really hard on that video (and all the others-which I didn't submit). So, I've decided that I shall have two accounts-this one, and one dedicated completely to animations. The account username will be "Gamer-Ninja".

The 1st video I'll upload with that account will be a music video for one of my favorite songs; V is for Vampire by Powerman 5000. I've started it, and I'm gonna put a LOT of work into it, so don't expect it to be finished rather soon. My guess is, with all the homework I get (its not a crap load of work, but it takes awhile because my science teacher gives us work that makes us think-he's fun when he's in a good mood, but when he's not, and we either make a mistake, plagiarize [without meaning to, cuz my entire class is smart-actually, the entire school is smart], etc.....yeah. He doesn't yell, he just uses the truth to make you feel like either an idiot or a delinquent. Yeah, you probably don't care about all that.), I'd estimate that the video will be done around December (Maybe late November, but I doubt it).

Makin a 2nd account


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